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Amaro Ellis

Ellis Island was the destination of many Piedmontese who left for the New World in search of a better future. It is a bitter that tastes of departure and return, of farewells and new beginnings.


Lucius Dry Gin

Made with excellent Piedmonts’ingredients, Lucius Dry Gin represents a new drinking "experience" that embodies tradition and innovation. 

Ingredients: Piedmonts’ juniper, Gorgonzola, mosses, and lichens.

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Passion as a path to follow

Our story was born somehow "by chance". We are three boys - Alessandro, Alessandro and Fabio - whom the coincidences of life have led to be brothers-in-law. From simple passion we began to study and experiment until we shaped our ideas! From the first attempts Alfa 1, Alfa 2... today we are Alfa Spirits!

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